Lonestar Experience and Career Goals

I moved down to Texas just over a month ago from Massachusetts. I had had 2 very good jobs that I left so I could move north of Houston to live with my girlfriend. Not knowing anyone besides my girlfriend in Texas I thought it would be advantagous to go back to school so I could work towards a new career.
With the economy being in such a percarious state being flexible and multi-faceted while job searching is critical. With this in mind I decided to take an Introduction to Computers class at Lonestar’s Kingwood campus and an algebra course at their Montgomery site. Having tech skills in today’s job market is necessary for most careers and by taking algebra will allow be to take a large swath of science classes, of which algebra is a preresiquite.
Hopefully by taking science based classes at Lonestar I will be able to enroll in an intership at a environmental science company or the Wildlife and Fisheries department and gain employment in a science based career field.


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